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If you're looking to finance the development of an investment property or a set of investment properties, getting the right finance and advice is detrimental to the success of your project.

Assured Management (AML) is a flexible, non-bank lender with the expertise and capacity to work directly with property developers to finish projects in a timely and profitable manner.

Construction Loans for Investment Properties from a Non-Bank Lender

Construction loans are short-term financing options for property development projects. Repayments on a construction loan are interest-only, before reverting to principal-and-interest upon completion.

Whether you're developing a housing estate, block of units, townhouses or commercial premises, Assured Management can assist with the investment property loan to finance your project.

About Assured Management Limited

Assured Management Limited (AML) is a boutique funds manager specialising in first mortgage construction finance and property development loans in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

AML's ability to work directly on a personalised level with developers is what sets it apart from competitors. Direct access to the people who are approving and monitoring your loans assures you as the borrower. This creates a proactive line of communication that puts AML in a good position should any intervention or involvement become necessary.

AML is not a bank and doesn't purport to be one; unlike traditional financial institutions they have a dynamic and commercial mindset with the flexibility and capacity to problem solve and work closely with our developers to reach the shared objective; to finish projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Our two Directors have been involved in the mortgage funds management business since the early 1990s and one of those Directors has been involved in the mortgage industry generally since 1978. In total, all Directors have a combined industry experience over 70 years.

This experience has been instrumental in maintaining high performance and the continuing prosperity of the Assured Mortgage Fund, even through difficult economic times. Assured Management Limited has always maintained a focus on the markets in which its investments are being placed and will continue to do so in the future.

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AML lends to 65% Loan to Valuation Ratio (LVR). This applies to both the 'As Is' valuation and the 'Gross Realisation' (Including GST); at all times the aim is to hold the cost to complete in our facility. In some instances where this leaves the developer a little short, a facility can be organised to use the developer's GST refunds. By utilising this method, the developer can add the GST refunds to our loan facility to assist in funding the cost to complete.

As we lend on Gross Realisable Value (GRV), we have no limit on Total Development Cost (TDC), in some circumstances, we can fund up to 100%. In comparison to the more traditional hard-cost method of funding, this means that Developers can secure funding with significantly smaller equity contributions and get started on projects sooner. 

Although upfront costs of non-bank finance may look more expensive at face value, the overall equity outlay required from Developers may be significantly less compared to traditional or bank funding. An example of this point is provided below.

 ‘Traditional Hard Cost Method’ – 80% of TDC‘Assured Management Facility’ – 65% of GRV
‘As Is' Land Value $2,000,000.00 $2,000,000.00
Gross Realisable Value of project $10,000,000.00 $10,000,000.00
Construction Cost $5,000,000.00 $5,000,000.00
Interest and Fees $400,000.00 $530,000.00
Total Costs $5,400,000.00 $5,530,000.00
Loan Available at Commencement $1,100,000.00 $970,000.00
Total Loan Available $4,000,000.00 $6,500,000.00
Developer Equity Required $2,500,000.00 $


We do not have regimented requirement for pre-sales and the majority of our lending is on a no pre-sale basis. Whilst having these sales certainly can assist in the approval process, we are of the opinion that they are not the 'be-all and end-all'.

Our approach to every new development project is more holistic. We assess a loan application on the merit of the property and proposed development. This is because presales are time consuming, expensive, sometimes complex, and reduce profitability as a developer will often have to discount the product to achieve an 'off the plan sale'. By allowing construction to get underway with nil or little presales, borrowers can immensely reduce holding costs, and more often than not, achieve better end sale prices.

We do not underestimate the importance of a prospective purchaser being able to physically walk through or view the final, finished product. Combined with our personalised, professional and timely service delivery, we have borrowers that complete double the number of projects within the same timeframe that they could complete a single project with traditional bank finance.

AML has been operating for over 20 years with a strong, loyal investor base at its core. As a contributory fund, investors are 'locked in' for the life of the mortgage, unlike a 'pooled fund'. This means investors can't simply redeem their funds within a specified timeframe and potentially cause a 'run on funds' in times of economic downturn.

Accordingly, with the fund managed by experienced Directors, you can have the surety that funds will not only be available for the initial settlement advance, but also for progress draws throughout the life of your loan.

Our development and construction loans range from $1,000,000.00 to $12,000,000.00 with a maximum loan term of 18 months.

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AML prides itself in offering transparent and competitive pricing without the hidden costs of many competitors.

For more info, call us free now 1800 028 885.

Fees and interest charged to the Borrower:

1. An application fee of 2% (GST Free)
2. Interest of 11.25% p.a.
3. Release Fee/ Consent Fee of $495 for each release of mortgage or consent.
4. The Borrower will also need to pay for valuation fees, quality surveyor fees, and any other outlays.

Fees that are not charged to the Borrower:

1. Legal fees for preparation of mortgage documents.
2. Draw down fees.
3. Management fees.
4. Line fees
5. Fees for drawing on variations.
6. Monthly monitoring fees.

Contact Assured Management

To apply please contact AML and speak directly to the loans approval team.

Phone: (07) 5578 6177


Discover why to Invest with us?

A few reasons why you should invest with us:

  • Current returns of up to 8.75% per annum net* paid monthly
  • No entry or exit fees
  • High return investment with First Mortgage Security
  • Security of assured monthly interest program**
  • Conservative investment strategy
  • Proven experience with investment funds
  • Dealing with an ASIC licensed security dealer
  • A choice of investment opportunities
  • Highly qualified and experienced directors
  • Personalised service