Tailored Financial Solutions For Small Developers

Tailored Financial Solutions For Small Developers

Understanding Small Developers' Needs

Small-scale developers often encounter challenges in securing the financial support required to bring their projects to fruition. At Assured Management, we specialise in understanding the unique needs of small developers and property investors, and can as a private lender offer more tailored financial solutions to empower them effectively.

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Flexibility in Financing

Small developers play a vital role in fostering innovation and diversity within the property market. We recognise the individuality of each project and understand that standardised financing may not always be suitable. Our approach to property development finance prioritises flexibility, providing customised financing solutions that cater specifically to the needs of small-scale developers.

Why Assured Management?

Assured Management supports projects with a financial cap of up to $12 million, whether they are boutique residential developments or commercial ventures. We aim to bridge the gap between the limitations imposed by conventional lenders and the financial requirements of small developers, ensuring that viable projects do not get sidelined due to financial constraints.

Assured Management team

So, why opt for Assured Management? Our experienced team comprehensively understands the hurdles faced by small developers. We surpass traditional lending constraints, adopting a personalised approach to ensure your projects receive the necessary financial support they deserve.

  • Prioritises clients' interests, offering tailored solutions
  • Proven track record of delivering quality solutions
  • Embrace philosophy of continual improvement
  • Address all issues to ensure client satisfaction

Our flexible financial threshold empowers small developers to undertake more ambitious projects, fostering growth and success within their businesses.

Partnering for Success

Anyone dealing with property development loans or construction finance knows that time is of the essence. Our streamlined approval process ensures that you receive financial approval within days, providing small developers with the agility needed to capitalise on time-sensitive opportunities.

At Assured Management, we are not just lenders; we are committed partners dedicated to guiding small developers through the complexities of property development. By offering financing solutions tailored to their unique needs, we aim to instill confidence, enabling developers to tackle projects with assurance, knowing that Assured Management is there to support them.

Recently Completed: 

new project

Stones Corner, QLD 4120

Funding to assist with the construction of nine townhouses, and relocation and renovation of three detached homes.

Loan Amount: $5,538,000.00

Loan-to-valuation Ratio: 65% on an "as-if-complete" basis

Approved Loan Term: 18 Months

Project Overview:

Blending old with new, this property development project comprised of nine modern townhouses and the relocation and extensive renovation of three ‘Queenslanders’ that were original to the site.

This layout was achieved by placing the two and three-level attached townhouses in a single building to the rear of site and relocating the detached dwellings to the street frontage.

Stones Corner is an established residential suburb in the south-east of Brisbane with the subject property being approximately 6 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD.

The quality of development within Stones Corner varies from older to a modern style (renovated) detached residential dwellings of original to good quality, in addition to semi-modern and modern residential townhouse developments. The area is well established with a variety of local shops, bus transport services, schools, and parkland.

This project was delivered with fantastic finishes by an experienced local developer and is a great example of the ‘missing middle’ product that inner ring Brisbane suburbs so desperately need.

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